Community First!: Emerging Visions Reshaping America's Condominium and Homeowner Association

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Author: Community Associations Institute

ISBN: 0941301435

Number Of Pages: 130

Publisher: Community Assn Inst

Details: "But that's not the way we've always done things." So goes the usual response to virtually any innovative idea. So it has been in the past. So it is today.

Thankfully, however, nothing in our universe is more powerful than an idea that works. As unrelenting as gravity, truth finds ways around standard human obstacles - ignorance, complacency, stubbornness, and fear. The truth cannot be denied.

An excellent example is Christopher Columbus. In 1492, he was a man alone. The prevailing thought of his day was that the world was flat. Many were convinced that if you sailed too far out from land, you would fall off the planet and be devoured by sea monsters. But Columbus knew otherwise. He was laughed out of Italy, his home country. But he ignored his critics and pursued his vision of sailing west to reach Asia. Columbus sold the queen of Spain on his revolutionary idea, eventually sailing into his place in history. This man had vision beyond that of his peers.

History is replete with visionaries who understood that the majority, the status quo, was wrong. Their new perspectives changed civilization for the better. One could draw the conclusion that our culture actually needs to grow in this way. We need the occasional push of free thinkers to move us forward to the next level of social evolution.

Those of us involved in creating and operating community associations are fortunate to have such visionaries looking out for our industry. Several of them are contributors to this book. Their perspectives on this growing and evolving industry (and suggestions for its improvement) offer a broader vision of these communities and much food for thought. It is our collective hope that their thoughts will stir debate and, where appropriate, create a new standard - a new model - for this important segment of America's future.

Read, enjoy and reflect on this book with an open mind-leaving aside the siren song of "That's not the way we've always done things."

Embrace these bold new ideas. We will all be better off for it.

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