Creating Home Owner & Condo Association Documents: How to Protect Your Con-Dough

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Author: David I. Goldenberg

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ISBN: 0979233380

Number Of Pages: 200

Publisher: Little Guy Pawprint

Details: Author Dr. David I. Goldenberg takes an empowering view of the rules governing both Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and condominiums. Problems arise when bad or obsolete rules are enforced or good rules are either ignored or ineptly enforced. Owners and board members alike must learn the rules and proper ways to modify outdated rules. It's a matter of record that the traditional approaches [ignore the problem, move, appeal to a hobbled regulatory agency, sue or recall the board and/or seek corrective legislation] rarely help homeowners. These strategies fail because they deal slowly and ineptly with incidents experienced by individual families. His expertise led Dr. Goldenberg to a radically new way to resolve the increasingly numerous and intense problems arising from living in an existing HOA or Condo and to prevent their occurrence in a new formed community of either sort. Dr. Goldenberg specializes in developing practical solutions to top management problems in business economics, corporate strategy and governance. His work is original and effective. It ranges from high theory in creating new ways to handle problems to low cunning in implementing his recommendations. Moving into a Homeowners Association [HOA] and later a Condo exposed Dr. Goldenberg to the legalistic methods of governing HOAs and Condos. He found them appallingly irrational, ineffective and inefficient. Unless, of course, the real aim was to promote full-employment among attorneys, politicians, and bureaucrats. This book shows homeowners how to correct the underlying causes of their problems - whether a matter of law, politics, or perverse individuals - and thus put an end to the rising number of unnecessary, irritating and costly incidents. A Condo Commandos 101 Reality Book.

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