Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights! What You Must Do When the Board Turns Your Life Upside Down

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Author: Joyce Starr

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ISBN: 0979233372

Number Of Pages: 168

Publisher: Little Guy Pawprint

Details: Your Condominium Association & Homeowners Association Rights: Defend Your Condo Association & Homeowners Association Rights is a self-defense guide for concerned or distraught condominium association and homeowners association (HOA) members. Vital information and insider secrets are revealed in remarkable detail. This book is your armor and shield if/when the Board turns your life upside down.

Targeted as a condo whistleblower over toxic mold, Dr. Joyce Starr confronted and won a complex, landmark pet enforcement case. She transformed her experiences into critical strategies for defending and protecting your rights. Discover how to stop condo board abuse - including harassment, retaliation and frivolous legal actions. Learn how to preserve your investment, savings and health. Ignore this book at your peril! A must-have gift for every condo association and homeowners association member you know.

A member of her condo board when she was hit with this frivolous "slapp suit," Dr. Starr was later elected to the 2012 and 2013 boards of her condo association - and thereafter elected treasurer of both. She has consulted with hundreds of distraught condo and HOA owners on their condo board dispute issues (Please use the contact form on The author of 17 books on wide-ranging topics, Dr. Joyce Starr is a highly regarded condo rights advocate.

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