Escaping Condo Jail

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Author: Sara E. Benson

ISBN: 1500572608

Number Of Pages: 624

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Details: BOOK REVIEW:"For anybody thinking about buying a condo, or even anybody serving on a condo board, or anybody who has any connection to a condo, this is must reading. Thanks a lot for a great book!"  -"Your Money Matters" WGN TV
* Critical 10-Point Pre-Purchase Buyer Checklist--(Don't buy without it!)
* 35-Point Manual on How to Bulletproof Your Association's Biggest Asset: THE MONEY
* Top 10 Money Making Improvements to Maximize Your Home's Value
* The Dozen Duties of the Board
* The 10 Hallmarks of a Healthy Association
* 18 Budget and Energy-Saving Tips for Association Boards
* 15 Secret Exit Strategies! 
Can you imagine putting your neighbors--who are strangers--in charge of governing your life AND your money? Today, four out of five real estate sales are in condominium or homeowners association communities. There are lots of great communities out there, but you need to know that there are some very real horror stories, too. A big shocker: Most homeowner associations are run by unpaid, untrained volunteers who are managing their share of an annual $90-billion industry. That's your real-estate investment and your money!
Co-authors, Realtor® Sara E. Benson and veteran journalist Don DeBat, have made real estate the focus of their professional lives. Both are veteran condo and homeowner association owners, and it is their own experiences with the underbelly of condo and homeowner association living that led them to write Escaping Condo Jail. The book provides valuable in-depth financial discussions, governance instructions, plus a 35-point checklist to bulletproof your association's finances.

Whether you're a property owner now, or considering buying a condo--or a property in a homeowners association--you need Escaping Condo Jail to help you protect yourself and your real estate investment as you learn about the myths and the truths of how condominium and homeowner associations work. And sometimes don't.

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