Hoa Boards: What You Need to Know, But Weren't Told

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Author: Captain Bill Travis

ISBN: 098909376X

Number Of Pages: 188

Publisher: Trabide Publishing, LLC


"HOA Boards, What You Need to Know but Weren't Told"

Whether you are lobbying for change or want to serve on your Home Owner Association board of directors, this book on HOA operation is a must read. It's rich in content and its' resources provide a great understanding as to the hierarchy of state laws, their relationship with the HOA's CC&R's, and how those relationships affect a board members ability to serve and make educated decisions.

Many conflicts could be resolved by both parties taking a greater interest in their understanding of the laws and HOA community rules. This book is written as an educational guide that can be read cover to cover, or can be used for a law or subject specific resource. It is a study guide for anyone interested in learning about how an HOA operates and how the board of directors of a homeowners association should operate.

The book presents several compelling subjects, but most importantly, it takes one on a tour of effective listening and compromise skills. Those skills can help anyone to navigate through emotionally laden rough waters. The book is also a comprehensive guide to the technicalities of serving as a director on an HOA board.

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