Mastering The Business Of Your Association: No More Condo Commando

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Author: Jane Bolin

Edition: 1

EISBN: 9781539517764

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 66

Release Date: 2017-03-09

Details: Have you ever wondered how a group of intelligent, skilled people who are typically successful in other areas of their personal and professional lives can come together on a community board with such poor results?

In Mastering the Business of Your Association™, real estate attorney Jane Bolin explores new opportunities for board members, community association managers, and their vendors when they choose to run their association like a business.

Real estate attorney, founder, lawyer, marketing officer, and productivity coach Jane Bolin presents a new conversation around the way association boards can be run in her new book Mastering the Business of Your Association™. In doing so, Bolin hopes to spark a new conversation in the industry and explore a new way of working.

Based on decades of experience working as a legal consultant for association boards, Bolin’s book asks readers to open themselves to a new way of thinking as she poses a compelling case for running a community association like a business.

As a manager, what can you do to provide for your industry? As a developer, what can you progress inside of your community? These are just a few of the questions that Bolin poses to address the possibility of new outcomes. Community association members can’t hit the target when they don’t know where to aim. Mastering the Business of Your Association™ presents a fresh perspective on what it means to be an effective, engaged member of an association board and how and why members should start running themselves like a business.
It’s the conversation every association board member, attorney, vendor, and manager needs to join.
“My goal in writing this book was to spark a much overdue conversation among associations and their boards that will change the way they are run—for the better. Mastering the Business of Your Association™ distinguishes what may be missing and offers an opportunity to transform,” says Bolin. “It’s been well received by readers so far, so I am very eager to share this with others.”
In December 2016, Bolin brought a number of draft copies of her book to the Cooperator Expo South Florida. Due to the resounding, positive feedback she received, Mastering the Business of Your Association™ is now being launched for community board associations everywhere.

Jane Bolin began as a clerk for a community law firm. From there, she became a licensed CAM, and has since co-founded PeytonBolin, a Fort Lauderdale-based, full-service real estate law firm focused on the practice of community association law. Her practice now services hundreds of associations and has satellite locations in Orlando, West Palm Beach, and Tampa.