Reserve Item Budgeting Spreadsheet (excel)

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Microsoft Excel spreadsheet/worksheet.
By way of example, the roofing item concerns a roof that was shingled with 20 year shingles 9 years ago and has 11 years remaining before it would need to be replaced.  Column G ("Index" Number) is calculated from the column E ("Factoring" Number) by raising it to the "power" equal to the number of years in question, column C.  This yields the column H (Inflated Amount) after 11 years.  2.5% is the actual average annual inflation rate over the past 9 years.
One can do separate spreadsheets for annual fixed budget items and items for which one wishes to build a reserve.  Then just add the totals from each spreadsheet to arrive at the HOA dues.  This would give you clear visibility of the effect reserves have on the dues.  Alternately, one can simply just put all items on one spreadsheet.