Trade HOA Stress for Success: A Guide to Managing Your HOA in a Healthy Manner

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Author: Erik Wecks

Edition: 1

ISBN: 0692354166

Number Of Pages: 142

Publisher: Officer's Row Publishing

Details: Too often serving on your HOA board feels like a no-one-wanted-it-and-I-got-stuck-with-it kind of position, but a few simple changes can turn HOA drudgery into an enjoyable and, dare we say, rewarding experience.  Trade HOA Stress for Success explores proven methods to transform your board from a crisis-driven, over-worked, and isolated group into a focused team with clear goals and direction. Learn to communicate the board’s success to your members and create the kind of care-free living an HOA promises. Written by industry experts, Trade HOA Stress for Success will give every member a shortcut to years of HOA management experience without learning wisdom through costly mistakes.

EAN: 9780692354162